What Is Website Hosting And Its Types? Find The Answer!

Website hosting is one of the advanced methodologies of holding the content of a website in a strong server and this server is connected to the internet via high-speed internet connections. When a user puts the any website address, then the server, send the website to the user’s computer so those users access the website. Normally, website hosting is of 4 types that were given below-

Shared Web Hosting- It is one of the common and popular hosting methods; in this hosting one server store the information of many websites, this hosting is like an apartment in a building where you share the building with others. In this hosting method, one server is shared with several clients at one time. Some of its advantages are- it’s cheaper, it’s easier to use and many others.images (11)

Dedicated Hosting- From its name, it was understandable that this is the hosting method in which there is a dedicated server for each individual website. This hosting service is generally for big websites which deal with millions of pages and clients. Advantages of this hosting are- easy to manage, very fast processing, more flexible, customization, full control, freedom from sharing and many others. This hosting method also has one major disadvantage that it is very costly, so small enterprise website never occupy this type of hosting for their website.

Cloud Hosting- It is generally stand at the mid of above two mentioned hosting. In this kind of hosting method, cloud servers share the physical server hardware located in any other location. This hosting method comprises the advantages of both hosting methods. Some of them are- this hosting method is more flexible in comparison to other hosting method, it offers both kinds of servers dedicated and shared server, freedom from configuring server at regular intervals and many others.

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Website Design Australia: Garner Wide Clients

For making the company a hit among the audience, it must have some extra qualities and features via which it could grab the attention of its targeted audience. And for making the company stands apart and best among its competitors, it must be well-designed so that just having a glimpse of the website; the customers may get attracted to it. For making the most perfect and extraordinary web design, the company must avail for the most astounding web designing firm. One such firm is Website Design Australia, which has expert web designers who makes use of latest and updated designing tools and language for rendering the most admired and well-liked designing service of the realm.


It is only the designing which makes the company a popular name among the audience, but is proper SEO is not done then no company could rank high on SERP. And before making a website rank, Web Site hosting must be done so that the site becomes visible on the web.

Advantages Related To PCI-DSS Hosting

With the escalating number of people nowadays, making use of internet for shopping and the new high-end technology methodologies of accepting online payments online and in customary ‘brick and mortar’ stores, protection and protection has now become the most significant issue for both consumers and businesses. The business society has accepted the requirement and demand for excellent class security protocols and has executed an efficient security strategy, which is called as PCI Compliance.


The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is an international security standard which is designed for protecting consumers and businesses. The function is protecting personal and monetary information from threats, like, identity theft. While applying PCI DSS, both the consumer and business get benefit.


Any company which transmits or stores cardholder account data is a probable object of criminals that is why any commercial or service provider which transmit, stores and processes cardholder data should be PCI-DSS hosting compliant. PCI DSS defends cardholders and reduces the risk to the business. PCI compliancy permits an industry for simplifying the security requirements, plans and policies.


Well informed customers tend to shop only at PCI compliant companies. They know how to categorize a company which is PCI compliant; hence, it makes sense for becoming PCI compliant.


PCI-DSS Hosting- A Step Toward Building Trust

For anyone looking to build a website for promoting services and products, it is extremely necessary to ensure that their website follows PCI-DSS compliance. Basically, they are set of compliance and regulations that is adopted by some of the major financial services such as Mastercard, Visa, American Express, as well as Discover. For any business website that deals with customer data needs to be in accordance with this compliance. Therefore, while choosing a hosting service ensures that it provides PCI-DSS hosting to offer security and trust among your customers.

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What To Consider Before Choosing Web Hosting Australia

With increasing importance of web presence, every business these days require a website that can easily connect with the target customers. The first and foremost thing that you should think of before launching your website is right web hosting service. There are several companies offering a wide array of services, however, you should choose a web hosting Australia service that fits in with the specific need of your business and website.

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Accomplished Design Services Australia

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Promising Web Hosting Australia

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